Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...The Summer Season's Last Hoorah!!!

"End of Summer Challenge" Crew after class Saturday morning:
L/R: Craig, Alison, Nicole, Danielle, Lauren, Danielle, Jason, Sydney, Debbie and MaryJane
Missing: Dan...he ran off to play flag football midway through class!

Labor Day Monday's "End of Summer Challenge" Crew:
Standing: John, Dan, Danielle, Howard, Vickie and Lauren
Kneeling: MaryJane, Linda (she snuck in there!), Jane, Suzanne, Janet and Kelly

Great job to everyone!!!

To all our year-round and seasonal fitness friends,
your energy and enthusiasm throughout
the Summer was awesome!

I'm so happy to see those sweaty smiles each week!

Thank you for sharing your fitness with me!


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