Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's almost 2010!...How fast time flies!

I'm taking some time to reflect on what 2009 meant to me. This past year, I rented my own studio, let go of things that held me back, met new people that were positive influences on my personal and professional life and advanced my education with two new certifications (RKC - Russian Kettlebell Cert and Crossfit).

I spent time with my father who suffers from Crohn's and tried to educate him on how to make small changes that might give him better days. I volunteered and supported local charities that strive to make a difference in the lives of those living with digestive diseases and cancer.

From those experiences, I further tweaked my own health habits. As always, I continue to learn so that I can share information with clients, friends and family.

On that note, I began to wonder what it takes to get an individual to change, grow, learn and move forward. When does the "ah ha" moment come? Do most of us wait for it to smack us in the face and hurl us into reality? When it stares us down, why do some ignore it? Why do we stay stuck?

Fear of change, insecurities, lack of support/motivation/resources...the list goes on!

Do you need to change a habit (quit smoking or that afternoon soda)? Is your job fulfilling? Are your relationships as good as they could be? Could you stand to take better care of yourself in order to take care of those around you?

A client of mine who was lacking any form of exercise had his "ah ha" moment when he tried to run after his two year old and found himself out of breath after only going about two blocks. He now runs 3 to 4 days a week; has lost over 20lbs and has much more energy for his kids.

One of my female clients was so misinformed about nutrition that she began gaining weight instead of shedding it. She asked for nutritional guidance. I armed her with some suggestions on what, when and how to eat. She's lost 10lbs, her clothes fit better and she feels more confident.

Another male client realized his stress level and lifestyle were out of whack when he kept getting chest pains and wasn't sleeping at night. He had been eating poorly and cutting back on exercise. He had stopped taking time out for his health and well-being. It took a night in the hospital to get him back on track.

In the year ahead, find time for yourself. Create a better support system to keep you on track. Remove the obstacles that keep you from being your very best. Do it for yourself first. Your family, friends and employers will reap the rewards as well.

I find I'm taking bolder steps as I get older and only wish I had the courage to do that earlier. Develop a mantra that pulls you out of the hole called "self doubt."


Have a fabulously healthy, happy and productive 2010!

a.k.a. "Fit Vixen"

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